...Through the delivery of innovative and dependable security solutions, provide a safe environment which enables our client's to conduct their business with the minimum of disruption.
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2010/2012 TA'AZ Group

...Through the delivery of innovative

This management team fully understands the strategic and tactical requirements of business within Iraq and strives to provide a service that is superior to any other in a cost effective package.

Personnel are carefully selected to ensure their suitability for role and investment is made to improve retention and reduce staff turnover. TA’AZ uses a variety of approved suppliers for the provision of personal and team equipment. This equipment is selected for its reliability, ease of use and fitness for purpose and has been proven in a number of previous operations. Only suppliers who can offer outstanding whole life support with their products are used and this ensures maximum operational effectiveness.

All staff receive comprehensive training and a remuneration package designed to promote corporate loyalty and improve retention. A Systems Approach to Training (SAT) is utilized to identify all necessary generic and specific-to-role objectives and ensure that correct instruction is given to all staff. Best efforts are made to instill a sense of pride in the teams and guarantee performance. Innovation

TA'AZ Security's Mission

…Through the delivery of innovative and dependable security solutions, provide a safe environment which enables our client’s to conduct their business with the minimum of disruption.

Our Approach To Security Operations

TA'AZ views security provision as an enabler rather than a constraint and endeavors to deliver bespoke and innovative solutions to our clients. The following tenets define our approach:

Understand the Clients’ Needs: We know every client has a unique requirement. TA'AZ aims to know and understand your business as well as possible in order to match the right solution with your needs. TA'AZ aims to foster a close relationship with its clients to enable an open and honest approach to business remaining responsive and flexible.

Understand the Threat: The TA'AZ Management team has been working in southern Iraq since 2003. We have built significant relationships within the Basra community developing a genuine empathy for its people. We have developed an extensive liaison network with local stakeholders and security forces which provides us with a great support structure, exceptional local knowledge and intelligence.

Quality Assurance: TA'AZ aims to meet the highest international regulatory standards and quality control. Our approach to security has been to combine experienced professionals, the best training and the latest technology. TA'AZ is mindful of public relations and reputational risk for its clients, which is why our company holds high standards at its heart.

Build Local Capacities: TA'AZ believes in the use, development and training of Iraqi personnel wherever possible to deliver a high quality service at a competitive price. This approach allows us to offer our clients the highest international standards in security alongside cultural awareness and significant local access. We have built up a genuine understanding of the region and its people that is second to none.

TA'AZ Security Background

TA'AZ Security is a new addition to the TA'AZ Group portfolio. TA'AZ Security has been formed around the nucleus of an experienced expatriate management team formerly working for leading global security companies.